Monday, April 23, 2018

Warlord Games Resin M24 Chaffee

Earlier I posted photographs of the Empress Post War French Paratroopers. To provide them with some support, I dug out an ancient Warlord M24 I bought from Salute many years ago (possibly when it was released).

It had initially been sprayed with Humbrol Dark Green. A later decision was made to over paint it with Vallejo US Olive Drab. It was then abandoned.

The hull machine gun had been lost in the mists of time (or quite possibly it had not been supplied - no heavy machine gun was found in the original package). A replacement was fabricated out of brass rod.

Lifting rings have been added to the front of the turret, a second pair are required toward the back of the turret, A tow cable (with ends from the Rubicon German Stowage Sets) has been added on the right hand side. An additional cable needs to be added to the left hand side. A stowage box has been added on the left hand mudguard (hidden behind the turret).

The first set of soft stowage has been added on the rear right mudguard.

There is much still to be done.

Rubicon Waffenträger - Put together

The Rubicon Waffenträger is such a well moulded resin kit that it can be dry fitted together.
 The only part of this kit that is glued together is the rear part of the gun's breech.
Holes have been drilled in the rear hull plate and plastic rods added as formers for a tarpaulin.
A hole was also drilled to pin a Rubicon German Jerry Can on the rear hull plate.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Crooked Dice Tortuga Truck - part two

Having assembled the transmission, axles and parts of the cab, here are slightly more representative photographs. The cab roof is just sitting on the main part of the cab (which has just been glued together and needs a little filling).
Games Workshop Cadian infantry for scale.
And William Killian for scale.
The cab doors are still to be added.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Crooked Dice Tortuga Truck

This is the new Tortuga truck from Crooked Dice.

I have not assembled it yet, but this is a scale shot with a Games Workshop Cadian trooper.

Rubicon Waffenträger - Breech detailing

Though the interior of the Waffenträger turret is very small, I have started work on adding some details such as the guard protecting the gunner from the recoiling breech.
I positioned the separate spent round buffer then drilled the holes (the one in the trunnion parallel to the barrel much deeper than required) in the parts. I then bent a piece of 0.7mm brass rod into a right angle, the short end being slightly longer than the distance between the back of the trunnion and the hole in the spent round buffer. I could then assemble the three parts at once with Superglue. Once set, the long end of the rod was cut back to the bottom of the spent round buffer.

Once I have the mounting point assembled in the turret I can add the gun sight to the barrel assembly.

Salute 2018 - Rubicon Models part two

Also at Salute I bought the Sherman I, Sherman I Hybrid, Sherman III and the 15cwt CMP truck.
Not sure in what order I will start building them.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rubicon Waffenträger - crew test

I was testing the crew figures from the Warlord Games SDKFZ 139 Marder III in the new resin Waffenträger.

The gunner is sitting in the turret in position.
I suspect it might interfere with the elevation of the gun.
Currently the bits are just in place, not glued.

Wild West Exodus - Gunfight At Red Oak Starter Set unboxing

At Salute I bought the Wild West Exodus : Gunfight At Red Oak Starter Set.

It is a hefty (813 grammes) if small box.
 The contents are quite densely packed.
The box contains ten multipart plastic kits on three sprues.

The main sprue has six figures on it, two foot figures and one bike for both sides.

 There is one box of Action and Adventure cards, four dice, equipment and character cards and special bases.
As you can see the bases are very tall.
 119 page Rulebook and a template.
 Condition tokens (and a ruler).
First figure off the sprue (yes, the legs are the wrong way round).
Jesse James (Outlaw).
By Yan Lo's Beard! two part heads are standard for these figures.
 Wyatt Earp (Lawman).
Doc Holliday (Lawman).
Frank James (Outlaw).

Empress Modern British vehicle crew and Jeep

Empress make a four man vehicle crew set. It is intended to be used to "rescale" Airfix 1/48 scale British vehicles.

Thought they would work with the Empress WW2 American jeep.

here is the contents of the pack.
Here are two of the figures perched on the seats of the Jeep.
A side view showing how well they fit.
Crooked Dice are doing a Post Apocalypse range and they have crew figures which might also be of use.

Mantic Games Hellboy game preview at Salute.

A painted example of the Hellboy figure from the forthcoming Mantic Games Hellboy game (photographed at Salute).
A very blurry photograph of Liz Sherman.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Salute 2018 - Crooked Dice part one

Crooked Dice have taken on the Pardulon range in anticipation of their releasing a Post Apocalypse game later in the year.

They had examples of their new modular truck on their stand.
 There are a lot of components in the blister
 They also had a HMMWV,
It does appear rather small for a HMMWV, but not too small to be unusable,
William Killian (on a base) and an Empress PLA infantryman.

Salute 2018 - Rubicon Models part one

Rubicon Models had a stand at Salute this year.

They had their new Resin vehicles, their new figure blisters and prototypes of forthcoming kits.

The Citroen 11CV is a multipart kit with under frame detail and a French decal sheet.
They also had the vehicles they have designed and manufactured for Heer46. This includes the Waffentrager tank destroyer.
The components are finely cast, looking almost like plastic injection mouldings.
There is chassis detail.
And the hull is hollow, with a bayonet fitting for the turret.

They also had their personalities blisters.
The figures looked tiny, but actually they are not as small as they appear,  William Killian for scale.
As you can see, they are of a similar size to my standard figure scale, but are of a slighter stature.
They also had the new Jeep trailer, not sure what I am going to use it for yet.
The personalities sets come with the new Rubicon bases.