Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ainsty Suitcases

Two more photographs of the suitcases:

William Killian (Crooked Doce)
Perry Miniatures Eighth Army.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shadow War - Armageddon Beastman Kill team

More years ago than I can remember, Games Workshop had an opening sale at their new shop in Bristol. At that time they would have offers such as three for the price of two. At the Bristol opening, I bought two boxes of plastic Catachan Imperial Guard and a box of three Sentinel walkers.

Over the years I have whittled the forty Imperial Guard down to ten unassembled miniatures. I was not deeply impressed with the over muscled nature of the sculpts (they are bigger than wombles).

I also bought at some time a Warhammer Chaos Beastman Regiment.

At some point on the Lead Adventures Forum someone asked if anyone had a use for the Catachan plastics.

So I dug out the Catachan and Beastman sprues to build a Beastman Kill Team.

This is the Beastman leader. The Catachan legs and arms are as supplied. The neck hole was widened and part of the collar removed to allow the Beastman head to fit.
I will be adding some greenstuff to add some hair to the torso and arms.

Ainsty Salesman Kit

Ainsty Salesman Kit is a set of pots, pans and suitcases scaled to 28mm.

Here they are sitting on a Rubicon T34/85.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Various vehicles

Some photographs of 28mm vehicles, mainly work in progress.

Anvil Industries Cobra APC.
Complete, but only undercoated.
Warlord Games Bolt Action GMC.
 Antenocitis Workshop Hunchback APC (without its turret).
 Antenocitis Workshop All Terrain vehicle.
This is missing some of the detail features.

T34/85 continues...

A few more bits added to the model.

The fuel cans have been added to the right side of the tank.
A clearer photograph of the stowage box on the turret bustle.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I have had this Rubicon T34/85 sitting (partially built) on my "To-Do" table for a while.

Various factors have caused it to be looked over (I do not really have a use for it, and I have thought about using it for post war conflicts across the world) and also I was looking for some inspiration.

A while back I bought the T34 NVA book from Tankograd (NVA is Nationalen Volks Armee, the army of the East Germany).

On page 31 there is a rear view of a T34/85 stacked high with stowage (something that tends to be missing from most photographs of T34s - well property is theft).

So having found all the bits I began to think about what needed to be done.

If you have seen this model previously on the blog, you will have seen that it has previously had hand rails added to the turret. One of the features of the NVA tanks is a large box on the turret bustle, this will of course cover the previously added hand rail.

I looked through my stock of bits, and decided to use one of the tool boxes from the Rubicon German Stowage set. It is not an accurate model of the NVA addition, but is square (or rectangular - you know what I mean).

Having added hand rails to the turret, I decided to add some to the hull.
I used a Bill Bedford Models hand rail bending jig to make the hand rails and the holes in the hull.
I bought mine at a model railway show many years ago, they are available on the Internet.

One of the distinctive features is the Notes light on the glacis and its brush shield.
A 1.5mm hole was drilled in the glacis and a piece of 1.5mm plastic rod was pushed through and cut horizontally. A piece of 2mm by 0.8mm plastic strip was cut and shaped as the top of the light.

The brush guard was made from 0.7mm brass rod, again holes were drilled for the rod which was bent using the jig.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Walking Dead - Andrea Booster: Amy

Andrea's sister Amy does not have many pages of the first volume of the Walking Dead. Maybe she will last longer in All Out War?

Like the previous walker, her base is decorated with an open cardboard box and a couple of bricks. The box is made from Evergreen square section plastic tube with a lid made of Evergreen plastic strip.
The sweat shirt is Humbrol Violet Grey, the shorts and socks Citadel Daemonette hide. The hair is Army Painter bleached bone.