Friday, January 19, 2018

Warlord K47 M5A5/6 Jackal Walker - construction

So I have started building the Warlord Games M5 Jackal walker for Konflikt '47 Weird War 2 system.

I decided to pin the legs to ensure they remained in place. I estimated the centre point on sockets for the legs and drilled a 1mm hole to take a brass rod. I then drilled a matching hole in the ball joint of the top of the leg. I then used a loop of greenstuff (with a small piece in the holes) and a brass rod to pin it together.
That was then left to set. William Killian for scale.
The greenstuff was not sticky enough on one leg, and I had to superglue it back in.

The arms were just glued in place as was the hand/claw pieces. The rear part of the body (with the arms attached) was then added to the front parts (with the legs).
I had not added the pieces to the legs (thrusters?) and unfortunately there is no room to get them in place.
There is a marked gap between the front and rear halves of the body, which will need filling.

There is an annoying join through one of the panels, which shows a lack of thought in the way the body was split for moulding.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Rubicon Models T34/76 - the build

So I have assembled the kit to this point. There are a lot of options, the best bet is to find a prototype and then choose the parts to match.

I chose the "Cast" turret with the two periscopes, the Stalingrad sale gun mantlet and the all steel wheels. A late style engine access hatch was used at the back.

I was just going to build it "out of the box", but ended up adding some hand rails, using the Bill Bedford hand rail jig.

Stowage and hull machine gun to be added.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Soviet Infantry

I think this is a Chechnya era figure by Empress.

Rubicon T34/76 - the sprues

I bought this when the kit was originally released, but have not got round to building it.

The later T34/85 kit build is currently awaiting finishing, but is going to have additional stowage.

The T34/76 however will be effectively straight out of the shop and into the fray so will not have the delay.  Once I decide what version to build.

There is an additional sprue for another turret present in the T34/85.

Panzer I Ausf B with Breda 20mm auto cannon finished... part 5

So, the Panzer I Ausf B is now more or less finished.
Okay, there is still some work to do on the wheels.
The crew has evidently stolen a fire bucket (a Rubicon Models bucket from one of the stowage).

William Killian faces down the Panzer.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Empress 28mm BMD-2 IFV - part 2

There was a suggestion on the Lead Adventures Forum about changing the turret for something like a Zu-23-2 AA mount.

In best Blue Peter tradition, this is one I prepared earlier.
This is the Zu-23-2 from the Empress Technical, using the supplied mount.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Shadow War - Armageddon: The Fallen - Chaos Marines

A long time ago in a blog post far, far away...

Okay, not Star Wars.

A Chaos Space Marine leader, part of the Fallen for Shadow War: Armageddon.
Armed with a sword and a bolt pistol, backed up with grenades, he is ready to lead the fight against their enemies.

The Fallen's leader squares off against a loyalist Cadian trooper.